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I believe that the system is broken when it comes to common traditional financial and retirement advice. I can prove it and show people a far better way.

I believe that the common traditional advice, not only does it benefit the U.S. Government, Wall Street, and other financial institutions more than the plan participants they claim to help, but I believe it creates more victims than winners for those who engage in that advice.

I have studied these areas far more than the average advisor and tax preparer.  I've written over 150 blog articles on this site documenting what I have learned, and I help guide over 13,000 financial professionals around the world to help them guide and advise their clients.

Just how broken is the system?  Let me give you just one example:  Imagine you have a million dollars that you can access with no taxes or penalties.  What would you do with it?  Let the ideas flow for a bit.

Now, think about the money you have saved for retirement.  You can't touch it without taxes or penalties!  You're LOCKED OUT of the ability to use your money in the best ways you can see fit!  And for business owners, it's even worse.  Not only are you 'locked out' of your own money... but you're told to invest in OTHER people's businesses through stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with that money instead of being able to invest it in YOUR business!

Does that make sense to you?  Wouldn't your money be better off where YOU can make decisions instead of the regulations surrounding these plans?

Now, these institutions and advisors don't do this maliciously.  They truly believe they are doing well for their clients and constituents.  However, if I may, they don't suffer the same consequences for their advice as their clients and constituents would.  After all, it's YOUR money and financial future on the line, not theirs.

I want to be a part of your story to reaching new levels of financial success!  I want to share this with people who are serious about their success, money, and open-minded to new concepts and ideas to planning for their financial futures... that may go against the grain of the more common traditional advice.

My clients will be able to retire at the standard of living they want... using only about 33% - 50% of the money that traditional advice would tell them they would otherwise need to do it!  Plus, they'll be able to use this capital before retirement (without paying taxes and penalties!) to help them fuel their financial futures even further!

At the very least, even if you did nothing with what I share with you...
wouldn't you like to learn what I've come to know?

David Kinder
David H. Kinder, RFC®, ChFC®, CLU® ​ 

David Kinder Insurance and Financial Wealth Solutions

Click this link to check out my interview article in The IARFC Register to learn more about me and the work I do with my clients: 

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US Flag Honor Flown on Sept 12 2022 honoring David Kinder's practice and promotion of prudent, qualified, and fiduciary client service and advice in financial services
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