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F.A.Q. #2 - How Exactly Does Indexed Life Insurance Work For Retirement Income?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

I recently came across this video presentation done by my LinkedIn contact Louis LaBash. Louis is selling a software service to other insurance agents and financial advisors to help them to promote the benefits of Indexed Life Insurance to their clients for generating retirement income.

And as I watched this, I LOVED it!

What you'll learn is how cash value life insurance, when properly structured, can generate SUPERIOR retirement income cash flow compared to other ways of retirement savings and distributing that cash flow. Now, a few disclaimers and disclosures:

- This video was not intended for non-professional use.

- In the later part of the video, Louis will talk about his software services for agents to illustrate these concepts. That, of course, is for professional use.

- Therefore, it may not have all the required compliance disclaimers and disclosures.

- This video is outlining one particular policy, but the concept can be applied to any competitive policy.

- Of course, the assumptions will vary and policy performance may be predicated based on current interest rate assumptions, insured's underwriting, and other factors. I do believe that Louis was reasonably conservative with all his assumptions.

- Seek professional advice before implementing anything you learn in this concept video.

- Look both ways before crossing the street. :)

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