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Do you have REAL financial reviews with your advisor... or annual defense reviews?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

This isn't such an issue lately. The United States has had a fantastic and longest running BULL market since 2009. However, not everything is rosy all the time, right? What goes up... must come down (sometime). Most annual reviews with financial advisors are often "Economic Weather Reports" (and probably just as accurate? Well, that's not fair - weather reports are quite accurate these days).

But that image above has a lot of truth in it: "The science of explaining tomorrow why the predictions you made yesterday didn't come true today."

I am OUT of the "economic tea leaves" business. That is just not in my 'lane' and I don't have any proclivity to learn it. Reading the Wall Street Journal gives me anxiety.

Here's the extent of my economic prediction recommendations. I call it the Big Mistake vs the Little Mistake. Which would you prefer?

  • Big Mistake: I guess wrong and you stay in the market, and it tanks 30-50-70%.

  • Little Mistake: I guess wrong, put you in a principal protected account and you only gain 3%.

See, I don't even want to PLAY that game anymore!

And with today's insurance wealth contracts, I don't have to! These contracts have liquidity, use, control, and protection from the bad news. In fact, because of these contracts, you can actually TAKE ADVANTAGE of the "bad news"!! How? Because YOU will have access to capital when most people don't!

What could you do with access to capital when most people NEED money?

  • Could you buy foreclosed properties - residential OR commercial?

  • Could you invest in the stock market when it's very low and ride it up? (That's timing the economy, not necessarily trying to 'time the market'.)

  • Could you buy inventory from a supplier at a discount because they are going out of business?

  • Could you buy other collectibles for future resale?

  • Could you start a business?

But if ALL your money is "held hostage" by Wall Street to "wait for it to rebound"... you can't do ANY of those things, because you'll sell out your shares at depressed values.

That's why having control of your money through 'non-correlated' assets is SO KEY! It protects you and give you options when most people don't have those options.

So, what kind of annual financial reviews do you have when things aren't going well? Is it "Well, we've got to ride this out?" Or is it "You have access to these values, there are plenty of opportunities you can take advantage of out there!"



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