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Myth #5 Why is there a savings component to life insurance? My car insurance doesn't do that!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

From a book I read many years ago, the argument was made - "Why is there a savings component to life insurance? My car insurance doesn't do that. My homeowners insurance doesn't do that. Why should life insurance do that?"

Death is a certainty. Everyone that has been born on this planet has or will die. Even Christ, who rose from the grave on the 3rd day, did die.

Every other form of insurance out there does NOT have to protect against a certainty, but against a possibility.

What about health insurance and long term care? Well, unless you die first, you'll probably get sick.

What about disability or a critical illness? Again, unless you die first, you may not ever become disabled or be struck with a critical illness. (Btw, such coverage is important because some of these disabilities do NOT occur as an accident, but as an illness or other condition that can happen.)

Auto and homeowners insurance coverage financially protects in the event of an accident or other qualifying event. You may not EVER make a claim on these policies, and you really hope you don't have to, but you have insured yourself in the event of the possibility.

Therefore, to protect against a CERTAINTY, the life insurance companies need RESERVES to help pay for claims that may happen in any given year. Now, here's the big question: Is there a way to turn this certainty into an advantage for yourself and your family?

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