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Are You The KING of Your Finances? Or are You the PAWN of an Agenda?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Today, I updated my homepage's initial video clip to be a short clip from "The Count of Monte Cristo". This clip is Napoleon Bonaparte talking to Edmond Dantes and asking about the chess piece that was thrown to him by his best friend Fernand Mondego. "In life, we are all either kings or pawns. Emperors and fools."

And poor Edmond Dantes was sent to prison for many years and finally was able to exact his revenge against the plot made against him.

Now, I love the movie (and no, I haven't read the book). Isn't there a financial agenda against the American People? Isn't that agenda being done against us by the banks, financial institutions, Wall Street, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and our own Government? Banks want control of our assets AND our debts:

Yes, this clip is from a fictional movie, but doesn't it 'ring true' with the truth of the agenda?

Aren't we also at risk of the financial advice giving by banks and financial institutions?

Do I really need to have a clip on Wall Street? (I probably do... so here we go.)

And here's the Federal Government with reckless spending:

Now, that's essentially the agenda - everyone else has a plan for your money... and somehow, we're supposed to TRUST them? What if...

- You could be made IMMUNE to all these forces? - That, instead of being a 'victim' of all these things... you could TAKE ADVANTAGE of it all?

There IS a way for you to be the 'KING' of your finances... and take advantage of the other "king-makers" (for lack of a better term). My question is: Do you want to learn about it?



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