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Who Am I?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023


Author Unknown

I am a piece of paper - but even more - I am an ideaa promise

I help an Individual see visions and dream dreams

I am education for children

I am savings; I help achieve economic immortality

I am property that increases in value year after year

I lend money when it's needed most… with no questions asked

I pay off mortgages so families can remain together in their home during times of trial

I create, manage and distribute property; protect employees and jobs

I am tangible evidence that an individual is a good provider

I am a declaration of financial independence and economic freedom

I purvey peace of mind - I provide for retirement, with dignity - without the fear of want

I am the only thing one can buy on the installment plan that his/her spouse does NOT have to finish paying for…

I am a certificate of character; an evidence of good citizenship, an unimpeachable title to the right of self-government

I am protected by laws which prevent creditors from taking the money I give your loved ones

I am a great social compact that merges the individual into the mass and replaces the frailty of one standing alone with the immeasurable strength of many standing together!

I supply capital that creates and sustains countless jobs

I guarantee that there will ALWAYS be a Christmas – with tinsel, a happy fireside and children's laughter – even though the breadwinner is no longer there

I am the Guardian Angel of the Home… of Your Family…




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